Types of Singing

Let’s now look at few different types of Singing:

  • A plain song ,Gregorian chant ,Choral and a cappella all these are singing forms mostly found in a Choir or a group of singers, where only singing is prominent with or with-out the music.
  • Scat: This form of singing is one of the most difficult type of singing as it includes making various kinds of noises, like laughing, screaming, crying rather than following the music, the singer requires to input a lot of humor, syllable choice, which should also influence the pitch, the articulation and the resonance on the whole .These singers have a unique style for words and humor plays a vital role in distinguishing all the popular singers.

Over the years as the jazz music developed and grew in complexity so did the scat singing. By the 1940’s the scat music was so developed that almost all the singers of that era wanted to try the exciting form of singing, Even many hip-hop singers use scat to come up with a rhythm while the rappers also need to scat in their songs, Some writers have even implied that this kind of singing originated from the African Music Traditions. While others choose to say that the origin doesn’t matter because scat singing evolved independently and the most common form of singing.

How to sing in tune

  • Folk singing: The word means a group ideally referred to a , crowd, clan, tribe, so basically means the music is traditional and evolved from as early as 1960’s ,these singers are mostly not so popular since the lyrics and style of singing is not written its usually a performance kind of singing during festivals or on special occasions ,and mostly for enjoying everyday life with songs and singing about the world around them or their clans and families .This however later became a regional and religious form of singing .Over a period communism and politician saw that is was a possible way to reach into the Americans hearts as this had a good influence compared to great movements and processions.

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Art And Its Types


Art, in the simplest of terms, is self-expression. It is an endless range of products and production, processes, and activity which results in the creation of a multi-functional, multi-translated, and emotion evoking substance. These creations are usually influenced by emotion, experience and culture that deeply rooted either in the artist’s psyche or as a result of environmental impacts. Art is spiritual as well as human, and as the human condition varies in intensity and effect, so do the ways that artists produce art.

Categories of Art

Visual Art

The form most commonly as associated with art and used as its definition in some cases is visual art. As the name suggests, this is a kind that prioritises the stimulation of the eyes first before any other sense organs. This form of art utilises an ever growing skill set base which ranges from scribblings on a note book to incredulously detailed oil masterpieces. However, there are some stable visual arts that it can be summarised to.

Types of Visual Art


There is no one who doesn’t have some form of base knowledge of what painting is, and many will simply describe the art form as a combination of a coloured or colouring substance with aim intention that is usually done on plain canvas. Even though that definition is suitable for novice artists who are starting out or for any one who just wants the basics explained, painting is so much more and can include a range of skill sets and products that themselves require tutorial before mastering can be achieved. Painting can be done with tools like brushes and fingers, with mediums like oil and water based paint, on mediums like canvas or even water.


A step before painting, many have dubbed it, but an art form of its own. Drawing is utilizing raw graphite, pencil, or any other equipment that can form lines, and composing graphics or depictive scenes using these tools. It could be a scribble or doodle created in minutes or a mathematically calculated and strategically designed technical drawing of a building in section. Regardless of what the preceding process is, the result is simply art.


As drawing is sometimes described as a step before painting, sculpturing is sometimes defined as a step after it. The art of sculpting either starts with a block of mouldable material like stone or wood and starts reducing it in a systematic way that results in a 3 dimensional product, or starts from nothing and recreates the product by adding the substances unto an empty starting point.

Other forms of visual art include crafting, photography, architecture, filmmaking, design, fashion, and a host of other disciplines.

Performing Art

This can also incorporate forms of visual art, but the principle of the performance arts is taking the idea behind a stagnant art piece and transforming it into a more involved interaction between the artist and the spectator. Again, the possibilities are endless in this field, but can be narrowed down to a few encompassing ones.

Types of Performing Art


It is easy to forget that music, which has become a common part of most people’s lives, is a form of art, but it combines lyrical composition with musical notes to make a varied range of relatable, and audible, stories.


From ballet to street, dance is another varied means of artistry that combines music with physical movements to tell a story of emotions.

Other performing arts are theatre, opera, magic, mime, puppetry, singing, and many forms of written and spoken words.